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Science of Enlightenment and Immortality

Salem.Kuppusamy Ayya in Vallalar Trust,Thipoosa Conference @ Vadalur
Salem.Th.Kuppusamy Ayya SpeechOrganized by : Thiruvannamalai Vallalar TrustPlace : Vadalur on Thaipoosam'2008
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Notes:  All "Science of Enlightenment and Immortality" 7 Parts english speech organized by Thiruvannamalai Babu Sathu Group (Vallalar Trust) in their Staying Place to the foreigners.
Science of Enlightenment and ImmortalityFor the first time in human history the scientist-saint Swamy Ramalinga Vallalar has given us a complete science of immortality and eternity in scientific terms in all its details.

In the 1860s Charles Darwin published his "Theory of Evolution". But when the American professor Chancey Wright asked him,what would be the next stage in human evolution? He replied that he did not know. But Swamy Ramalinga Vallalar answered that question positively. Not only the next stage in Human Evolution but the final stage was also conducted his experiment in his own body successfully and realized histeachings. He transformed his physical body into a body of wisdom-light. The details are given in these lectures delivered by


Other features covered in these lectures are :

- Can Humans eradicate the problem of world poverty and hunger?

- The enlightenment of the human body as well as the enlightenment ofconsciousness.

- The intelligence born of love as contrasted with that born ofthought which is nothing but matter thiugh subtle.

- Can humans ever succeed in attaining total self-sufficiency in termsof food, breath and knowledge independently of nature?

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